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Thread: vocational assignment??

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    Default vocational assignment??

    Hey lol any idea what's vocational assignment?

    cmpb sent me a letter.. You are hereby required under section 9 of the enlistment act to report for vocational assignment on 04 sep 04 @ the defence science technology agency building - tower A audi..

    unless its quite impt.. i dun think i'll be going... exams soon..

    so any idea wads it abt?

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    my guess is either divers or commandos, but ithink cdo VA is now at hendon itself. you can dont go for this VA, but i am not sure if you will get charged. such matters must be attended to.

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    i think u better go for this... they even mention the enlistment act already.
    army things better don't play play.... it can be pretty serious


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