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Thread: does brand matters when choosing a digital camera?

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    Since the question is whether brand is important, and not about functions or features, I'll say, YES.

    The core of any digital camera is the sensor and the processor. If you have a good sensor and a good processor, you'll not need to do much post-processing on PC before sending to print (that is, if you intend to print at all). Some people like the natural colours of Canon, some the harder tones of Nikon, and myself, the warmth of Fujifilm. And processing wise, we consider ISO400 (for low light) and compare the digital noise, the lower the better. So looking at nice colours and lower noise, you can decide on the sensor/processor, which is inevitably brand-linked.

    Go to a site like to check out 'scientific' test results before buying. If they have not the exact model you are looking for, a similar model of a similar brand will probably give similar results.

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    Blah blah, yada, yada...

    It's not the camera that matters, but the man behind the camera. Get a camera that you feel comfortable with (such as the functions, cost), and you are ready to go.

    I remember seeing quite a few good pictures here, taken by disposable, or cheap, simple consumer cameras.

    PS. I also remember seeing crap pictures here, taken by leica....

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    in tat case i will go visit the comex during my breaktime

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    can I suggest a Pentax or Casio?
    From what I gather, you need a point & shoot camera that is easy to use, compact and takes reasonable picture.
    My first digital camera is a Pentax Optio S (3.2MP). Serves me well. I use it for travelling. It is real compact which is an important issue. Imagine lugging a large camera while walking through a crowded JJ market in Bangkok.
    Loads of people are going on and on about MP. But how big are you intending to blow up your pics? 3.2 is more than enough for me when taking holiday and family event shots. I am no pro. The pics turn out great to me. The functions on the camera are easy to use. Just P&S. If I were to upgrade to another ultra-compact camera, I will buy the new 4MP Pentax or Casio. I had tried the Sony T1. It is a very nice camera but I absolutely hate the MS. They are expensive and not compatible with my other gadgets.
    I still keep by old cannon SLR (EOS 55e) if I want to shoot better pictures.
    All depends what you want.

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    Some people prefer Nikon. Some will say Casio or even Olympus. Others swear by Canon. Generally speaking when you are looking for a camera, my advise would be to read whatever reviews you can get your hands on. Visit a few forums and see what they say.
    Finally, narrow down your choices to 3 to 4 cameras. Then go down to a good camera shop and test out the cameras. Whatever you do, don't be sway by the salesman!

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    Muz read people.... Jus dun buy a camera which uses the fragile smart media really drove me insane during one of my holidays. card errors, lost some photos i took...useless crap

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