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    My Digi-Cabi DHC-60 performed well as expected since day one, but I noticed that once it reached the pre-set RH% value of 45%, the dehumidifier turns off and RH% shoots up a few percent in a matter of minutes and dehumidifier kicks in again. Door was closed.
    Is this normal? Shouldn't humidity remain constant while door was closed?

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    Bought my DHC 80 few weeks ago also behaved this way. Not sure is it normal or not? Any other owner faced the same situation? I believe it is the temperature of our room that affect the change in RH values.
    Any user of DHC series with very constant RH readings with door closed, w/o the readings going up and down constantly?

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    I should be able to enlighten or shed some light into your puzzle.

    let me tell you, your dry cabinet is not VERY air tight seal. How do i know? I gotten 2 dry cabinet so far, 1st was digicab 36(sold) and now a DHC-80. I notice the humidity lvl in my cabinet rise and drop every now and then. so i check the seal of the cabinet and found interesting things. (how i check? I shine a torch light from inside the cabinet along the joint seam and where the air gaps are,
    the light shine thru)

    1. the top of the cabinet is spot welded and thus dont provide a all round complete seal (AKA air gaps for leaking or incoming air)
    2. thou the door got rubber seal and magnetic hold, the magnet hold might not be enough, best to lock the key lock. (bend the key lock
    metal inside a bit more to give it a tighter lock, it helps improve the door seal)

    my old AD-36 solution to improve the seal, buy a roll of duct-tape and tape round the joint at the top of the cabinet, tape the area at the door also but on the inside.

    my current DHC-80 solution, buy silicon and apply it along the joints inside the cabinet to seal up the air gaps.
    D80/D700 18-135/17-50/14-24/24-70/70-200/70-300/50/60 SB600/900

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    just for the record and info

    my cabinet only activate once a while (1+ hr) else previously is about 10-15mins before my silicon fix.

    and even if u do seal the cabinet completely, there is and still be a air leakage point, its in your dehumidifier unit. for allowing
    the condensed water to flow outside and get evaporated off by the heat generated by the cooler than condense the water vapor inside
    the cabinet.
    D80/D700 18-135/17-50/14-24/24-70/70-200/70-300/50/60 SB600/900

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