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Thread: Focusing on self taken photos

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    Default Focusing on self taken photos

    Hi all,

    If i'm using a tripod and wanting to have self taken photo.

    I got a infared remote control.

    How I do ensure that the camera is focused properly on myself and the background, before i press the button?

    Let's say i got my partner standing in the frame, with the background, and I get behind the camera, press the half button to focus, and then i go and stand with my partner and i press the remote button to take the picture?

    Do i need to adjust the aperture?

    The problem is at night shot, i tried taking self taken photos, mount on tripod. The focus is often off.

    BTW, i'm using Sony cam.
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    Default Re: Focusing on self taken photos

    Did your camera re-focus when you pressed the remote??
    Make sure there's sufficient DOF when setting your aperture..
    Can focus on your partner first.. But make sure you lock the focus (can do so by switching the switch to manual focus)..
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    Default Re: Focusing on self taken photos

    Why not use the 10s timer?

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    Default Re: Focusing on self taken photos

    Read about manual selection of single focus points. Make sure the one(s) you select is on your or your friend's face.

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    u can always lock your AF and AE 1st then step forward and be inline with your focused subject then use a 2 sec IR timer to trigger shutter. Unless you use very large aperture or very near your lens else a bit front or back is no biggy.

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    simple. get your partner to stand in front of the cam first. try to get your partner in focus. if you want the background to be brighter, use SL Sync flash. but you have to stay rather still.

    the reason why it's OoF is because... in AF mode, the camera will AF first after the wireless release before the shutter activates.. and being at night... the AF will hunt like mad...and then settle on the wrong subject most of the time.

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    Default Re: Focusing on self taken photos

    Not sure if your camera has an 'AF lock' feature, or something equivalent.
    You can use that once you acquire focus lock at the spot/distance you want.

    The alternative would be to switch off AF once you have achieved focus.
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    Simplest solution I can think of is to switch the cam to manual focus once you've got the focus locked. If there's AF lock, you can use that. The idea is to not let your camera focus when you need to take the shot.


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