as a reminder to one and all about our CS' Terms and Conditions,

3. Off-Topic (OT) posts - Please direct all posts not related to Photography to the Kopitiam forum. OT posts will be deleted or moved without noticed if posted in any other forums.
  • NOTE: Although Kopitiam is meant as a catch-all area for things not related to photography, posts/threads which are:
    1. religious,
    2. political,
    3. racist;

    in nature or can be construed as such will also be removed without notice when necessary.

the Admins and mods have discussed this, and as a run-up to the GE period (where everyone likes to get high on anything political), we would like to remind one and all to take your discussion elsewhere. this is not new as we will remove all threads political or racial in nature. this sticky is to remind those who are either ignorant or blatantly ignoring the rules.

your cooperation is greatly appreciated.