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Thread: RAW support, does it affect your decision for a camera?

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    Default RAW support, does it affect your decision for a camera?

    Is RAW support a major decision swinger for you? I'm currently deciding between a FZ-10 and an A1, and I am very satisfied with both camera image quality, but kinda dislike the FZ-10 for its lack of RAW support, but other than that, I'm quite undecided. Does having RAW support make a huge impact in tweakability of a photo?

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    Depends. With a Prosumer/P&S Digital camera it is not as important as they normally have small memory buffers. So while RAW is useful for post-production. RAW will cause a long lag between frames as it saves to the Mem card.

    For a DSLR shooting with RAW is a good thing as it gives you alot of latitude when correcting WB, Exposure, etc. The large memory buffer (at least 4-8 shots) means it is feasible to use RAW if you are not shooting sports.

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    I am using D100 and shooting RAW all the time. The editing capability in Raw helps a lot.


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