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Thread: Virgin BnW shoot

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    Default Virgin BnW shoot

    My first time using BnW film Comments appreciated.

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    hi care to share what film you use? did you dev the film yourself?

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    Just my $0.02.

    1st pic: Contrast is there, but not enough tonality, esp shades of grey. Highlights at the white keys overblown, need to burn in. Composition focus more on the hand. Hand position is a little awkward - looks like player is in a standing rather than sitting position. The main impact of photos like these lies partly in the finger contact point, which is hidden, nails have "disappeared" into the black keys.

    2nd pic: Tone on the hand is a little muddy (thumb and index finger), lighter grey would be more pleasing.

    3rd pic: Tonal range the best among the 3. Highlight's slight blocked, but it's okay.

    Nonetheless, it is quite good considering this is the first attempt. I can't remember how many rolls of film I screwed up when I 1st started out with b&W.

    Did you use tri-x for these pictures? Care to share what developer and timing? Did you develop it at 20 degree-c?

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    #1 Exposure out! Totally blown out near keyboards. Vertical type composition of keyboard static. lack of dynamic tension.

    #2 Out of focus. ? handheld? With such close focus, hand shake is amplified

    #3 Flat. Bottle cap and bottom of royal 102 out of focus. White blobs in the background very distracting

    Watch the background.
    Careful with your focus. If you are not able to hold focus, use a tripod.
    In general, avoid horizontal/vertical framing.

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    Thanks all for the comments, will try to remember the pointers the next time i shoot.
    Used Tmax 400 and i sent the film in to Digipro at Marine terrace. Have no darkroom skills to speak of

    #1.Agree with you canturn that the piano keys are overexp. and yes the pianist was standing up. But how to get the finger contact point, unless the pianist doesn't play flats, which doesnt look as nice. Don't know, puzzled over that one before i finally snapped it.

    #2.Cant help the muddy tone of the hand. the guy is dark-skinned. erm and the hand is not out of focus, i think its a motion blur as my elbow was propped, using 1/60s and the guy's hand was shading quite furiously.

    #3. Agree with you on this though. Should have stopped down to ensure everything was sharp.
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    Default me too!

    hey i use digipro too!!! Keat is fantastic... just that i try to go there once a month to develop like 10 rolls.. super far for me...hee

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    errmmm...i'm new to this forum...but know a bit of B/W photos. Printing-Wise , the contrast is not too good. If you're printing it yourself , the meganta can be increased to increase contrast. Image-wise , its relatively fine.

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    I feel that composition-wise, for the 1st picture, you can crop off a bit more on the bottom.


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