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Thread: Traveling Alone in New York City

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    Hi all,

    I am going to the states during this summer for about 3 months. My last week there will be alone in New York City. Any experienced travelers have any tips and advices?

    I am on a tight budget, and I don't mind staying in hostels. Generally, just wanna ask how safe is it for a young Asian guy to be traveling in NYC alone. I don't mind venturing out to other nearby cities also, if budget and time allows.

    I'm pretty apprehensive yet super excited to be traveling alone, especially in such an exciting city like NYC. So guys, any help?


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    If you really wanna save money ... can try posting a temp stay wanted/sublet ad in craigslist specifically in nyc
    Wife dissuaded me the last time, but I know one of my ex-colleagues does this regularly (and is still alive!)
    You'll get people with extra rooms in their houses looking to have extra income; the drawback being most houses would be further away
    Was there for work and commuting was a hassle so I too backed out
    Or try, similar concept of people opening up their houses for sublets
    Endure. In enduring grow strong.

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    New York is safer than most of us think.... I was there alone for a week and enjoyed myself. If you have a nice personality and well manner, people there can be very very nice. I blend into their culture and people will open up to you. Tipping is a way of life when you want service. Depending on your taste, you may want to start with tourist spots first then move on to more adventureous places. If you feel insecure, it shows and some of these big guys can look very intimidating. Relaxed lah..... its just another big city. Enjoy yourself there !

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    NY safe and .


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