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Thread: Field Test : Olympus E-PL2 by robotech‎

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    Default Field Test : Olympus E-PL2 by robotech‎

    Just got my hands on the Olympus E-PL2 a day before an event in a local pub.
    So, I decided to bring it along for a spin.

    As there have been quite a few field tests and art filter stuff posted already, I will just jump into my user experience with it.

    Physically, the grip on the camera is ok and works well. The problem I have is the multi selector and jog dial behind which is a tad too sensitive and settings can easily be changed if you are not careful.

    Auto Focus is fast and accurate when set to single point mode but when it is in multipoint mode, it tends to hunt a bit in low light. On the sensor department, ISO up to 1600 is usable by my standards and colors out of camera are natural with auto white balance doing quite a good job. The rendition of skin tone was very well done even with the difficult lighting indoors.

    All in, the E-PL2 is good for anyone looking for a small DSLR or as a 2nd camera to complement your D3 or D700.

    Here are some samples taken from the pub. All EXIF Data are in the Pictures

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    Here are some shots playing with the Pop Art Filter. The pictures really pops with saturation!

    On the left is the Aperture Priority mode with High Saturation, on the right is Pop Art I.

    The colors are so nice!

    You can also add another filter to Pop Art, Here is Pop Art I + Soft Focus

    On the left is Aperture Priority with High Saturation and right is Pop Art I again.

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    Default Re: Field Test : Olympus E-PL2 by robotech‎

    While shopping at Marina Square over the weekend, I chanced upon a kids fashion show and decided to test out the continuous autofocus capabilities and some indoor capabilities.
    All images are straight out of camera with cropping done in photoshop only.

    Here's the shot of some of our Clubsnap ladder gang. I think I prefer the Vivid mode better.

    Picture mode : VIVID

    Picture mode : NATURAL

    Now, for the Continuous Focus testing. I set the camera to C-AF+TR mode. This is basically AF-C with tracking. I works sort of like the Nikon 3D Tracking mode.
    In terms of accuracy, it is quite accurate once you have a focus lock. On continuous shooting mode, you will not be able to see where you are pointing at after the 1st shot is taken. The LCD will only show you the last shot.
    The thing that let me down is the shutter lag. This is really disappointing as the tracking and all did a great job, but the time from pressing the shutter to the shot being taken is just too long.
    So, if you are looking for a camera to shoot fast action, do try it out to see if it suits your needs before buying.

    C-AF+TR Mode

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    Default Re: Field Test : Olympus E-PL2 by robotech‎


    This is another one of my favourites. It gives a low saturation HDR like effect on the pictures. Great for those gloomy skies that preceeds thunderstorms.

    Here are some samples taken at Marina Bay Sands before a thunderstorm.

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    Default Re: Field Test : Olympus E-PL2 by robotech‎

    Thanks for the review and sharing your thoughts.


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