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Thread: iphoto or eos utility?

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    Default iphoto or eos utility?

    hi guys, not sure if this thread should be started under the digital darkroom, but ive got a question.

    im using a mac, and was wondering when you import photos, do you usually import them using iphoto (happens when i plug my card using a card reader), or the eos utility (plug my camera straight into the com using the cable once).

    iphoto vs stored in files that are arranged by date on your finder?

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    Default Re: iphoto or eos utility?

    EOS utility would be more useful than iPhoto - allows you to do post-processing adjustments for RAW files

    but if you just shoot in JPEG and don't really post-process, other than the occasional photoshop, iPhoto is more useful due to system integration into the finder, quick sharing to facebook/flickr etc

    Otherwise alternatively you like to post-process and still get system integration/quick sharing, try Aperture


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