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    Just a short one, how long do you keep your photos?
    like 2-3 years enough?
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    I mainly use tape back up for things that I am unlikely to need again. Just "dump it" there, and keep them dehumidified... The more likely to need stuff, go on the "live hard disk", the "back up hard disk" and tapes (for long term archival). I never delete tapes. Also, make sure you have a clause in your SA / SLA / contracts that clearly indicates retention policy and costs..

    -- marios

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    Thanks Marios,

    Will include tape into my consideration! Almost forgot about backup tapes. =)
    Anyone has other way of back up?

    As of now,

    Desktop to be OS with editing program, then everything will be kept in external.
    (running on raid 1 = mirror) But it holds about 2 yrs work. In case of times that old photos are required. at least still got a copy of it.
    Life is a journey...

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    You will need the back up of your external hdd and keep it in separate location in case of fire or theft.



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    Off site the tapes.

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    I back up for like 5 years.


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