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    I am now looking for a hotel near train station in Paris, it will be a one night stay as next morning i have to go Amsterdam.

    Since time is precious with only one night, i hope to do some shopping nearby. However, after I try google, but not much info. Need some help here.

    which area should i stay?

    hotels near Gare de l`Est or
    hotels near Gare Du Nord
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    U can try hotel cambrai it's near to Gare du Nord n also walking distance to the shopping centre (galleries la fayette)

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    Accommodation in Paris
    Lonely Planet
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    I got the feeling it's a bit late.

    but still Gare du nord and Gare de l'Est the two worst places (with Barbes) to spend some time if you're not a local. Try to get more central and in the morning take a cab to go to the station, in particular I would suggest not to do street photography there unless you speak some french and you don't feel to attached to your gears.

    Hope it will helps,


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