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Thread: 85mm f1.4d

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    Hi guys,

    Havent posted here in a while.

    Anyways, I just got myself an 85mm. On delivery of the lens from B&H, I was surprised to find the notch just below the aperture ring as seen in the following picture. Was wondering if it is a manufacturing defect and I need to send it back.

    Then I checked out Youtube and saw that this is seen in the two lenses review that I watch. =p Was reading up so much before the purchase but no one mentioned this. Interesting. My guess is that it is the mould of the metal case.

    It is such a well built lens.

    Anyone noticed the notch as well?

    Am still in Bokeh heaven right now.

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    Default Re: 85mm f1.4d

    It appears on every of the 85 1.4D, so its normal.


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