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Thread: Thailand Provinces suffer Floods

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    Default Thailand Provinces suffer Floods

    While I was in Thailand, I felt like in korea in Spring. it was much cooler than it used to be. Temp ranging ard 18-20C. They say it only began after the recent quake in Myanmar.

    Now just before I return they are having floods in many provinces and sadden by stories where the Children woke up in the morning to find their parents swept away or passed away in the flood.

    My heart goes out to these ppl as they have less help from international Aid and not much media attention.
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    Default Re: Thailand Provinces suffer Floods

    yeah... i am sad by this news too. seems like a lot of natural disaster happening ard Asia recently.

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    Default Re: Thailand Provinces suffer Floods

    because the earth shifted from its orbit. i think Bro 9V Orion can give us a clearer picture of why this is happening. but my uneducated take is, we shifted slightly further from the sun. hence, when it's usually hot in this season, it's actually colder.


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