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    Hi all, I need some advice here.

    Recently my dad was kind enough to loan me his old Leica lenses, one is a Summicron f2 50mm and the other was a Angenieux f2.8 45-90mm. Both are still nice and free of mould.

    So I bought adaptors and mounted them on my canon 550D to try them out at the Tanjong Pagar KTM railway station with the below results.

    550D with Summicron 50mm @f2

    The crop

    550D with Canon EF 50mm f1.8 @f2

    The crop

    These were taken with the same settings and at most 1-2mins apart. As you can see the purple fringing on the Summicron is quite obvious while the Canon's 50mm showed no traces of it.

    Read online that UV filters could help to a certain extend. However, the Summicron is already using a B+W 010 E55 UV filter and so I'm back to square one.

    Anybody can help me? I am pretty much disturbed by these results...

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    It's called chromatic aberration, a filter will not help, it is due to build of the lens and the lens elements. Some lenses are more prone to it compared to others. You can remove it during post processing.

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    these lenses are design for film photography, it prone to have CA when use on digital camera, camera manufactures redesign new range of lenses to address this issue.

    it can be corrected at the post to a certain degree.
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    Hey, thanks for clearing it up for me.

    I would have hated to tell my dad there's something wrong with his lens, glad it wasn't the case.

    Read quite a few posts around the net that advocated the uses of these old lenses on digital bodies. However, most of them never got around mentioning these issues so I thought there's something wrong with my camera or the lens.


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