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Thread: Some people photography.

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    Default Some people photography.

    Hi, a newbie here, want some comments or criticism for some of the pics.
    Using my mom's Sanyo VPC-S1 to take the pics.

    First one:
    Sands Of Time

    Second one:

    Third one:
    Focusing (Candid)

    Fourth one:
    Is It?

    Last one:

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    No offence ok? Just some observation.
    First...the location isn't that appropriate. Too many man-made objects around. The "Is It?" one is not bad though.

    Maybe you can try enhance the impact of the feeling with some colour cast or contrast boost.

    Oh you manage to bring such big blades around? Not taken in Singapore?

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    It's a free for all theme cosplay photoshoot at Singapore Botanic Garden.

    hmm, not sure, I tried to tune the color to tune liao.

    I'm a beginner in photography, 2nd month in doing photography, and there's quite alot of photoshoots in July, so there's the experience for me to go learn.


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