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Thread: Where to buy Unique Photo Album??

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    Red face Where to buy Unique Photo Album??


    Can you tell me where can i buy nice and unique Photo Album?
    I went to Citylink that two shop which sell file and album, but not really nice.

    Most of the album that photo printing shop sell also very normal.

    I wonder those photo album that photographers provide, where did they get it.

    Can u tell me

    Thank u

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    You can try those gift shops or buy those very plain one and modify with your own materials. Modify one will always be unique to your own taste.

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    Firstly i think you should specify what kinda uniquess you wanna have for your album. There are many japanese brand albums especially for photos that are good and simple and refillable. So you might wanna try that. Its available at Kino.

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    True also, actually initially i thought of modify myself. But i have 800 pic to put -.-.. very tiring thou.. and also, i am very lousy at designer.. No sense of art


    Oh ya, i should specify what i like. Do you know the "compass Photographers" for wedding shoots?
    Their Album very unique. I love their cover ... using some kindof "leather" kindof cover. I want to MTM a Slot album and a Paste Album.

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    erm i am not too sure about those albums. But doing a slot album is going to be tricky. What i did last time is to manually measure and cut which is kinda crazy to do them. As for the "leather" kinda cover you can actually get them from the SPD. They sell them. Or alternatively you can try your luck and ask the company how they do their album?

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    Try Creative Designs on 3rd floor of Holland Road Shopping Centre for some tasteful (read expensive) photo albums. Actually they are very cool but not a standard size so too small for S8R - might be ok if you print especially for them. I like the hardback black albums from Konota but again, won't be everyone's taste.

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    Where is SPD??


    Thanks, i will try to drop by holland.. Rarely go there...


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