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Thread: Stocks on MB-D11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nubzz
    What is the quote price in Singapore huh.. Now I also tinking of getting 1.. cos cant grip properly (either i butter fingers or portrait with sb-700 weight unbalance) and govt giving money on May 1. :haha:
    Just got the vertical grip from iPhoto, Lucky Plaza... For $270 include GST... Left few pieces... Local set with Nikon S'pore warranty... So, those pple looking for one, call them to reserve...

    Got the battery for $70 as well...

    Good luck pple...

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    Got it for $265 @ AP they still have stock...Gd luck!

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    just called the shop where i got the last group buy for the grip, no stock yet but they have ordered.

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    Bought @ AMK MS Color @ $260

    Left 1 In Stock

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    I bought mine at Cathay at a pretty gd price.
    Their stock just came in.
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    bought mine in HK last week for HKD1780. Not cheap
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