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Thread: How to setup a Wordpress? MYSQL?

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    Default How to setup a Wordpress? MYSQL?

    Hi people,

    I am planning to setup a wordpress site on my webserver but I am stucked with creating a MYSQL database. I read about the steps in but unfortunately my webserver do not seem to have the phpMyAdmin and Cpanel installed online the web server. So how am I able to solve the issue? I have watched the videos in YouTube but I am still lost with it....what can I do?

    Here is a noobie question to wordpressing...
    I have seen many open source MYSQL application available for download online but they only mention about local networks, so am I right to say the wordpress is only workable on my computer and not online? Am I able to install something similar to phpMyAdmin and Cpanel online?

    I am TRUELY a noob in programming stuffs so I do hope someone is able to show me the light.....Great thanks in advance!!!
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    Default Re: How to setup a Wordpress? MYSQL?

    Is the server yours or are you using a hosting service? What type of "OS" is this server running?

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    Default Re: How to setup a Wordpress? MYSQL?

    if u have cpanel (webhosting control panel), u may have the one click installation for wordpress. look for Fantastico.

    Find Fantastico (if your webhost got install this to cpanel):

    You can find wordpress in here, installation is as simple as a single click:

    alternatively, u can also look for mysql setup in your cpanel (definitely should have) then create a database from there, then upload the wordpress scripts and perform the installation manually.


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