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Thread: How to do collage?

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    Default How to do collage?

    At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot.. but how to do this?

    (photo courtesy of a friend, Kimberly)

    .. without needing to calculate pixels and combining the photos one by one manually?

    Is there a program (FOC) that helps us to do it?

    Can photoshop do this? I often do collage, at most 6 photos manually, but usually they are of the same size so not that troublesome yet. Now, it's an entire different story altogether.


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    Default Re: How to do collage?

    hmm.. photoscape can do this.. you can give it a try.. its free
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    Default Re: How to do collage?

    Thank you, diluted!

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    Default Re: How to do collage?

    you can use google picasa as well...has an automatic collage generator function

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    Default Re: How to do collage?

    picassa also has a useful collage function. its easy to use and its free too.

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    Thanks guys!

    Started using Picasa already..


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