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    Anyone done anything similar starting from Adelaide? Care to share on budget and itinerary?

    Am searching for something close to lake eyre, flinders range and uluru.

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    Drove to Flinders Range, wanted Lake Torrens but was discouraged by wife and friends

    Originally wanted to also visit Coober Pedy (wife was in an opal craze phase back then) then up to Uluru
    Part of the plan was to go all the way to Alice Springs with the rental on a two location stop then fly back
    But it was really much too expensive

    The route was also not as well defined (checked the topo maps); I had thought/and think there is a path that leads up to Lake Eyre, cuts through and then back down to Roxby Downs and the Stuart Hwy. You'd do much better asking on the Aust Outback/4WD/trail forums; it's quite a developed community.
    It's not going to be a short trip though, going to chew up a lot of precious miles on that route going up and down then back up again.

    A 4WD, jerrycans of fuel and lots and lotsa water are a must; knowledge of the machine ... and the worst, since it's a rental, is figuring out how to get spares
    I contemplated buying a repair kit when I reached Aust which is partially doable, but certainly adds to the cost and it's throwaway $ (didn't plan to bring it back with me)

    Loved the Yorke Peninsula, missed out on the Eyre Peninsula, which from what I've read is quite the gem too
    Then again, the initial trip was to drive the Nullarbor too so...
    Endure. In enduring grow strong.

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    nice... amazing to hear that you drove on your own! would love to try!!!!! the agencies are charging rather ex. ur advice really give me a good alternative.


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    Haha oops my advice was meant to be ... less encouraging
    I think there's some kinda of transport (huge truck with huge wheels) that cuts through Lake Eyre, postal service truck? Or was it one which plies the Strzelecki track?
    Not quite sure now
    Anyway, check on
    It wasn't cheap though having the 4wd for so many days; we were also lucky not to have any punctures
    2 spares are a must, I simply gambled and relied on the 1 that came with the car
    But for a trip that long and in the empty desertland of the outback? Don't think it's advisable to chance it
    And always leave word as to where you're going
    Endure. In enduring grow strong.

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    haha... ended up being super encouraging! LOL.

    MUST GO!

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