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Thread: wah! :bigeyes: nice cam!

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    Default wah! :bigeyes: nice cam!

    i recently took my dad's FM2 to photograph fireworks and those who saw the cam said it is a good cam and same for the lenses and even the filter.

    frankly speaking, thanks for the comments, but how do u define a cam as good?
    there are some obvious ones, like a F5 is obviously good.

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    FM2 is a real workhorse, my ex boss survive with the FM2 for almost 10 years as her only work camera.

    i love the classic metal chassis body! chrome or black, metering is reliable.

    you are in full control of the camera, its just personal perferences. for personal reasons i perfer working with it than electronic cameras.

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    FM2 is used in wars and has survived the test of time.It's a classic for using full metal gears and an exterior that is hardy and durable. Akin to classic watches that stands the trials of time, ir's a treasure.

    there's no definition to what is a good cam (very very subjective) but there's a certain respect defined given to the older generation manual cameras that's built to last forever.

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    My father uses an FM2 since the early 1980 (his is the first version with the titanium honeycomb shutter) after trading in his FM. I've handled it before, and there's really something seductively different about the way it handles and feel as compared to my F75 or F100.

    There is a solidness about the FM2 which is very enjoyable...

    Enjoy yours! It's a joy to use...

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    it's 50%mine...he told me to keep it in MY room in MY dry cabinet
    MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!

    i must say despite the thing being manual and my lack of patience to focus, i just love the cam...damn solid.
    but it seems it cant stand my 'brute' handling. i have no idea how and why, but the film rewind button came out(the black disc, silver lever, metal 'ring' and a small pin) came off when i wanted to rewind the film and load new 1. thank god, fireworks ended liao..
    unfortunately i lost the pin..

    where can i get a replacement pin?


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