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Thread: Cleaning fungus with lenspen

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    Default Cleaning fungus with lenspen

    Can lenspen be used to clean fungus?

    Need advice on this matter
    I cleaned up fungus on lens surface using lenspen and subsequently used the same lenspen to clean other lens which are not infected with fungus. Now i am worry in doing so i will be transfering fungus to other lens. Will it? anyone can tell me?( just came to realise tat fungus can infect lens if place together)

    Is there any thing i can do to prevent fungus from growing in my other lens before it become too late. ( i already keep the lens in dry cabinet)

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    Default Re: Cleaning fungus with lenspen

    Is yours an electronic dry cabinet?
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    Default Re: Cleaning fungus with lenspen

    yup. it is an electronic dry cabinet.

    The fungus grown on len was not cause by putting in the dry cabinet.

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    Default Re: Cleaning fungus with lenspen

    Mate, quick question... how did your lens got fungus?
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    Default Re: Cleaning fungus with lenspen

    i guest due to element. I just got the dry cabinet.

    will use of lenspen to clean affected lens and subsequencly cleaning it on other lens cause infection. if so is there anyway to prevent or clean the fungus away.

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