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Thread: where to go to practise shooting?

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    Default where to go to practise shooting?

    been to sentosa and botanical gardens......
    looking for some other place to erm... explore...
    using canon a40... tripod...
    but no teleconvertor... so cannot zoom much
    zoo and jbp still can with a40? or does the lack of zoom rule it out?

    any other places..? thinking of going east coast park next...

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    don't go to tourist places.....try something ordinary. learning photography isn't about taking pictures of beautiful things, but taking good pictures of anything.

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    take photos because you have something to say.
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    Personally... if your into street type photography..
    i find the bugis fountain a good place to start with. Most of the subjects there requires little or no zoom, and at times can be rather interesting.

    if you into scenery...
    The stretch from bugis all the way to lau pa sa, have very interesting buildings and skyline, night or day.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: i'm a A40 user too.
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