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Thread: 8 days Switzerland itineries and accomodation, any sggestion.

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    Default Re: 8 days Switzerland itineries and accomodation, any sggestion.

    Mid May can still be cold, cloudy and even snowy especially in the mountain.

    There are a lot to see in Switzerland and it really depends on your interest. For instance, you can easily base 3-5 days in any of the places and make day trips. Also, in the mountain, you have to make allowance for bad weather. Sometimes, the weather is bad even in the summer and hence, you may have to return the next day or so.

    Noticed that you had not taken into the account the traveling times. Suggest that you focus on a few places, base there and then make day trips.

    Since you are coming from Italy, will suggest that you skip Lugano. Zermatt is a bit out of the way coming from Italy and have to switch train at Brig. Lausanne is also out of the way, unless you are heading toward the French side.

    Basically, Switzerland is about the mountain and lakes but May is not exactly the hiking season. So you have to spend more time at the city or lower altitude region.

    Here's a rough guide:
    Base in Montreux (here is where train head north to Zurich) and can make day or side trips to Valis region
    Base in Berne and make side or day trips to Bernese Oberland
    Base in Interlaken - go up and stay in the mountain like Murren or others
    Base in Zurich - day trip to Lucerne or Rhein fall in the north

    Hope this is useful.
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