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    Dear all, i will b going Spain / Portugal for 21days with my wife in 2wks time.

    14days guided n 7days free & easy (self explore Barcelona)

    For myself, i Intend to bring 30 f1.4, 10-22 n 70-200 f4, gripped 550D and my wife 600D with 18-135.

    Q1: is it really tat dangerous? Read a lot of bad stories... So hope to hear for those who hv been there b4.

    Q2: my gears will be in my backpack (kata 3n1 series), will it help ( as in make myself less vulnerable ) if I were to pack it in shoulder bag tat dun look too much like a camera bag? I.e lowepro classified ?

    Appreciate all constructive feedbacks. TIA!

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    I've been living in Barcelona for 8 years now and pickpocketing is a daily thing. Peak season is during the summer, obviously, since that's when all the locals are away and all the tourists are here.

    To start with, are you here for photography or enjoy? Seriously, if I were you, I would just bring the ultra wide angle, the super zoom and one body. Then another compact and that's it. Chances are you'll be doing a lot of walking and with all those gears, you'll probably get worn out easily.

    Just be vigilant especially in crowded area and when borading or getting off trains/buses. It's not "dangerous" as in involving physical violence. Pickpoekters usually work in group and they used to be easily spotted but now things have evolved - they can be very well-dressed and least suspected.

    Places to avoid - La Mina (just don't go there) and Raval at night (morning is still ok but stay in area with people)

    If you need more info about Barcelona, just PM me. I'll be glad to help.

    Finally, enjoy your trip.

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    Tks bro for the helpful info! Leaving tis sun! Super excited!

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    It is not dangerous. I carry 70-200mm, 24-70mm, TC 20 plus 2 big bodies when I made a one month trip to Portugal and Spain about 1 year ago. You just need to have a pad lock for your camera bag while on the trains. I was nearly pickpocketed on my 1st day on the train from the airport, luckily a nearby passenger alerted me. The pickpocket could talk to me with eye contact while his hand was searching through my bag. U just need to have common sense in all the countries you visit

    I think a 70-200mm or similar is important

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    Tks for sharing!

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    I m back! Tks to both bros for advices.

    Was pickpocketted in the metro but was saved by the thick rubber band trick which I learnt from online reading... Pls help spread this handy method around! Simply use a thick rubber over your wallet as it will create much more friction tat makes it very difficult to slip out from front pants pocket when picked.

    Just to share : In my style of photography, i find tat following lenses was useful in it's own way;

    30mm f1.4 - low light usage, museum, palace, cathedral, live performance (flamenco etc), caves.

    10-22mm - landscape, archi building (a lot of time u can't move back enough) ceiling of palace/cathedral (although most of time not bright enuff so need to increase ISO), more dramatic effect of tight street.

    70-200mm - seldom use except for abstract of archi bldg and occasional candid of those cute kids there! Ah and very very useful if u intend to shoot from touristic bus! (which is recommended if u wish to cut down chance of being picked while taking public transport)

    18-135 (which my beginner wife is using thus brought along) - places which r not environmentally friendly to lenses (I.e. Beaches) or not convenient/safe to bring too many lenses (can lock other lenses in suitcase).

    If possible, a backpack for transportation n general use (hell lot of walking) n small sling if u intend to take a lot of public tpt.

    Travel Tripod - seldom got chance to use but found another usage for it though... To hang cloths for drying! Esp if for long trip!

    Feel free to ask more question n I will try to reply if I can


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