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    Hi, I am quite new in photography and would like to learn more from other people like you~ Here are some photo taken during one of my CCA concert.

    and this one

    I would like to hear critique on composition and utilization of light
    I would also want to learn how to take concert shots. Lens and settings.

    [under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)]
    the photo are taken in a concert with low light
    largest aperture of my lens, and pretty high ISO, hand held

    [what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture]
    I wanted to capture the subject in a way other than looking from the front which is the view what the audience have.


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    Default Re: Some concert photos

    You are only allowed 1 photo for C&C.

    I don't shoot gigs but the couple of events I've taken with a band performance on stage I do find some angles limiting. I like to get angles where the performer has a visual connection to the audience.
    First you need to identity and know who your photographs are intended for. Are you shooting for the band where you need to see more expression, their stage performance etc or are you shooting for the event itself where photographing the audience enjoying themselves is important. You normally would not have a chance to shoot both ways, not unless the band owns the whole concert. In 3-6 mins when one band is playing unless you're very good it's going to be a mad rush to catch all the expressions and angles you want.

    I think a sideways angle is neither here nor there, can't see the band clearly and can't see the audience as well. My usual angle is from the back of the stage and shooting out. Coupled with dramatic stage lighting flaring into the lense it's always been a satisfactory position.


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