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Thread: posting pictures of kids

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    Default posting pictures of kids

    i was thinking, those photos ppl posts online, are they yr relatives or just kids u see on the streets?

    and, do ask for permission from the parents of the kids who are yr relatives to post here?

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    Hi there! Speaking for myself, the few postings I've posted are of my kids. Except for the last posting, permission was granted by the parent. Sometimes the kids will ask me to take a photo of them. Those which I take without the permission of parents are kept in my own personal album.

    Oops, have just re-read your last question. Admittedly, I asked for permission to take but not to post. I guess some of us, in wanting to share pictures of the beauty of the kids, we forget the considerations of their parents. I shall definitely keep that in mind for all my future postings.
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    please understand tat i am not questioning yr postings. rather i want to know more abt the process ppl post pictures of kids online.

    i am sure we all got nice pictures of kids we wanna share but it's kinda hard to get permission. and i believe we all still want to take more pics of them right?

    frankly speaking, this is more problematic than models.

    at least they can sign


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