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    Hi guys, I was in a studio taking some photos today and some of the pictures came out with this weird purplish reflection on my model's outfit. It seems to be most obvious on darker fabrics, and I have no idea why this happened. Can somebody please tell me what this is, and how I can remove it in Lightroom or Photoshop?

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    where there any filters on ur lens? UV filter perhaps??
    hmm.. looks like a lens flare to me.. can't be very sure..
    u can try cloning it away..
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    In photoshop, create a new empty layer and put it to color mode.
    Color pick the actual skirt color.
    Use a soft edge brush and paint on the spot you want to correct.
    You will realised the corrected spot is still slightly brighter, create a new layer on top just use a spot healing brush or clone tool (make sure you sample current and below) to balance it out.

    Consideration for using the color mode layer: I do not want to destroy the details of the crease since the purple color spills quite abit.
    Consideration for using layers instead of working straight on the image: It is to create a non-destructive workflow so in case you need to re-edit, you do not need to start from scratch.

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