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Thread: Which should i get??

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    Quote Originally Posted by cameranoobb View Post
    Now I'm only looking at 2 cameras which is the Canon S95 or the Lumix LX5.. Hee.. =P I will just stick to the build in lens first.. >.< Thanks for the post!
    if you buy either the LX5 or S95 you have no choice other than to stick with the built-in lens, coz these cameras are not DSLRs. They were not designed to have interchangeable lenses.

    It seems people have come to expect crispy-sharp photos in low-light and little noise. Not sure if any of the compact cameras can deliver that, even with their advanced wizardry. But you can get good, sharp photos if you understand the basics and are able to work around 'limitations' of your equipment. For example you can use a tripod of some sort (table-top, etc) and other accessories (eg. bounced flash) to enhance the shot.
    Exploring! :)

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