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Thread: Need help on bulb mode!!!

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    Default Need help on bulb mode!!!

    I have triend taking firework shot with shutter speed set at 1 n 2 sec, but some shots turn out a bit funny. To what my friend feel, they say it look a bit like colourful sea urchin shot. Juz wondering if a Canon 3000V has a buld mode function. If yes how shld i set it, if not what is e best setting for 200 film?

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    Sea urchin? Kinda expected it to be like since the long exposure leaves the light trails of the fireworks on your film.

    Bulb mode is used only when you need exposure lengths longer than 30 seconds (Tv mode will allow only up to a maximum of 30 seconds). To set Bulb mode, switch to M and turn your command dial until the exposure time says "bulb".

    "Bulb mode" is not a special kind of mode; it just allows exposures of as long as your battery allows. Hold down the shutter as long as your want your exposure to be to shoot in bulb mode. More questions please RTFineM.

    If the EOS 3000V has an M mode, then it will have a Bulb setting.

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    Oh yah, for taking fireworks, the longer you leave the shutter open, the longer the light trails will be.

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    Bulb mode is not only used to take exposures more than 30 secs.. it can be used to control variable timings... especially during fireworks in conjunction with using the black card....

    Leaving the shutter open longer and longer than the lifespan of a burst won't get you longer trails.. what it may mean is that there will be multiple exposures and if not controlled properly will lead to overlapping ones which may mess a nice burst up and/or cause it to be overexposed.

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    as the guys above have mentioned..
    and yes, 300v has bulb mode..cause I'm using it..


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