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Thread: Aperture 3 - Mac Users what are your users' experience

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    Default Aperture 3 - Mac Users what are your users' experience


    I was a Capture 4.0, Adobe Photoshop CS 3 user for the last 4 years. However, my most sophisticated needs are only contrasts, saturation, curves, burn and dodge and sharpening. All of these were done on PC.

    I have now just gotten a Mac for exactly 1 week now, after my PC died. My Leica Capture LE that I got for my M8 in Jan 2009 will not load in my Mac, even after the Mac version has been detected. It just terminates. I have been using Capture as my RAW converter since 2009 and post-processing in Adobe CS 3 that I even invested in a Gary Fong plugin for my wedding shoots (I have now stopped after 15 assignments and having paid off my gear).

    I need to know:
    1. If Aperture 3.0 would fit my needs for RAW conversion and Adobe CS 3's functions that I use. Anyway, I will need to buy again and assumes I will not go PC again.

    2. If the learning curve is very steep for the switch. PC -> Mac was still ok buy still learning.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Aperture 3 - Mac Users what are your users' experience

    Hi TS,
    regarding your first question, somethings need to be set straight. Aperture3.0 (like Lightroom 3) does not convert RAW. It does non-destructive editing. Your RAW files are kept untouched. What Aperture does is to apply a set of rules base on your adjustments, and show you what it would look like. When you need to output the image, Aperture will then apply all your settings to the RAW file and give you the output you want (jpeg, tif, whatever).
    Having said that, RAW conversion in CS3 should be all covered by Aperture3. Bearing in mind CS3's ACR does not have lens profile correction yet. The only item missing is probably the graduated filter. But i find this can be easily done by Aperture's quick brush, so I dont miss it.
    There are some quirks, some of the Aperture's sliders are of VERY different scale compared to Adobe. E.g. the Saturation goes from 0.0 to 1.0 only, compared to Adobe's 0 to 100. Movement of 0.1 or 0.2 can quickly make your image over saturated. This is just 1 of the few sliders I recall that behaved a bit too extreme.
    I highly encourage you to download the trial version. All features are in. But what I really like about Aperture (as I do iPhoto) is its photo library management. It is very seamless for the user. I dont have to care about actual files and folders, Aperture does it for me. and I can browse much more easily compared to Lightroom, for e.g. Even my wife like Aperture (iPhoto) better.

    As for your 2nd question, I find it very easy to learn. It also have some fun features like face and places. Good ways of managing pictures if you shoot models a lot.

    I am not sure if you do landscape or architecture. While I much prefer Aperture 3, I chose to go with Lightroom 3 instead. This is because Lightroom uses ACR 6 which comes with Lens Profile correction. Something very key to people who shoot a lot with wide angles. It corrects barrel and vignette of the lens through non-destructive means. Very important to me. Sure, I could use PT Lens to correct it as a plug in in Aperture, but that would create additional TIFF files which takes up way too much space and adds unnecessary step to my process (90% of my pictures typically needs such correction).

    I hope you enjoy your Mac, and Aperture.

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    Default Re: Aperture 3 - Mac Users what are your users' experience

    well,you can always get LR for Mac

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    Default Re: Aperture 3 - Mac Users what are your users' experience

    just to add, you can download the trial version of Lightroom 3 on adobe's website.
    love the workflow and the non destructive adjustments on ur raw file...
    for Weddings, Family Portraits, Executive Portraits, etc

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    Default Re: Aperture 3 - Mac Users what are your users' experience

    Thank you emlee as I really need real life users' comments. I will download the trial and try the workflow. Again, many thanks.

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    Default Re: Aperture 3 - Mac Users what are your users' experience

    Thanks Ferderico.

    Seems the Mac does not have 'natural difficulties' towards other programs. I will hear of such 'natural difficulties'.


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