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    Hi i am planning to buy a camera bag which can hold 3-4 lens + body which bag do you recommend me? budget around $100

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    Just bought a nice Canon bag from Korea Ebay for only SG$20+ with shipping.

    Ebay is your friend for gd prices and comparison

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    well the Lowepro AW series is quite good
    Only Good thing about CS Worth Watching is Kopitiam And B&S Section ... , no offence

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    if u're gonna put that much inside, i would rather get a bag that's good protection.,2035,4.htm,2045,20.htm

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    used Crumpler..

    low ball to $100 for a 6MDH or best 7MDH (1st version)

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    I recently bought a Lowepro Rezo 190AW @ S$50 (its Nikon version. Nikon logo on shoulder pad and front cover). i got it from simlim square brand new sealed. I use Canon so i remove nikon logo on front with pen knife then put iron on black sticker on shoulder pad) Voilą !!!

    It can fit > 7D with battery grip + 10-22 hood attached or 24-105 + 1 more lens + 580 exII

    What more ?? 1 Side and front pocket + rain cover + LCD protector or Lens cleaning cloth + card holder + small removable accessory pouch with ez link card store place (* dont know how to call it LOL)

    the bag size does not look big but u can put hell lot of things.

    More info and pic check here.
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    Hi tznyein can i know which shop in sim lim u bought the rezo 190AW? cause interested to get one too. cheers!

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    lowepro flipside 200/300
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