What's it about?

Finally, a chance to put your photography skills to the test! Phocus Academy is pleased to announce a fortnightly theme-based Photophest Competition.

The theme for this round of Photophest is "Stills in Motion".

Grab your camera and capture motion either by blurring or freezing it in action. Panning shots, light trails, moving people and just about anything in a state of transition would be a suitable subject for this theme, so there's something for everyone regardless of your speciality in photography.

What do I get?

Win up to S$50 in Phocus discount vouchers redeemable on our photography workshops.

Winners will be categorised under two categories as given below:
  1. People's Choice: The photo with the maximum "Likes" gathered before 0900hrs on 1 April 2011, .
  2. Judges' Choice: Photo most liked by the Phocus instructors.

What do I do?

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Be a fan of Phocus Academy Facebook page.
  2. Send in a maximum of 3 photos in JPEG format (1000 pixels long and without watermarks) to Photophest@phocus.com.sg.
  3. Your entry would be posted on our wall together with your name.
  4. Get your friends to "Like" Phocus Academy and your entry before 0900hrs on 1 April 2011.
  5. The photo with the most "Likes" would win a $25 Phocus Voucher.
  6. The photo chosen by Phocus instructors wins a $25 Phocus Voucher.
  7. Last day for submission: 28 March, 2011, 2359hrs.
  8. Winners will be announced on 1 April, 2011.
  9. Start shooting!

Terms and Conditions
By sending us your photos, you agree to give us permission to post your photos on our Facebook fan page and our website with attribution.