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Thread: Sugesstions for a GOOD external cd/dvd RW

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    Red face Sugesstions for a GOOD external cd/dvd RW

    Need to get a external CD/DVD RW......
    to burn pixtures and create slideshows into a disc...
    Dunno which one to get.....
    Can anyone advice me on that?
    Would Really Appreciate the advice given...
    BUGGET: $100-$200

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    Not sure if there are external DVD writer's for less than $200. Buying a standard internal one and getting an external USB 2.0 or firewire casing will set u back around $200-$300 plus at least. Prices are still dropping somewhat though...

    Perhaps buying an old/used and slow DVD writer(2X speed) for around $50 with the external casing will bring your total to around $200 or less. With any external casing, it's going to be rather bulky.

    Personally had some problems with my TDK writer, firmware wasn't too stable. They should have ironed out the issues by now, and mine could have been a one-off case.

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    I just bought an internal TEAC DVD writer at $140, with an external USB2.0 casing at about $50. That's less then $200.

    By the way, note that Darkroom is meant for photography digital workflow discussions only, not equipments. Thread moved to Kopitiam.


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    That's great. Prices have dropped by quite a bit from the last time I see...

    Anyway, the upcoming COMEX should have some promos on dvd writers as usual.


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