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Thread: How to use extension tube?

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    Default How to use extension tube?

    I've just received my generic extension tube. It has no metal contacts with the body as such i would need to manually setup the camera.

    The physical setup is do-able as its kena idiot proof..
    Set the priority to M, aperture f11, using a 16-85 nikon DX lens.
    However, when i look thru the VF, its almost black except for certain area that has light.

    Nevertheless i still try to take a pic and its totally black.

    Tried to google for answers but most just touch and go on this subject without a step by step walkthru.

    Would appreciate any help so i can start taking macro photos.


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    Default Re: How to use extension tube?

    Hmmm.... this is weird. Mind showing a picture of your extension tube?

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    Default Re: How to use extension tube?

    what was your shutter speed?
    have you thought that it might be your aperture being too small??
    you might need a flash to illuminate your subject to keep shutter speed up..

    im not very sure as i don't shoot macro nor use an extention tube.. maybe you can wait for someone who is more proficient to explain it to you
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    Default Re: How to use extension tube?

    The manual extension tube doesn't let you change the aperture, so if you use the normal G lenses, the aperture closes to f/22 or whichever is smallest.
    I suggest you tape the aperture fully open using tab on the rear of the lens before you use the extension tube.
    Better option is to use a non-G lens like the 50mm f/1.8 D.
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