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    Hi guys, i've seen a couple RSS Enabled Digital Photo Frame from different manufacturers, any body using one can recommend? 10" and below, the big ones costs like netbooks already lol

    Thinking of it as a good gift to parents, so I just need to upload to a flickr set or email and the frame downloads them automatically. So no action is needed from the viewers end which is great for Parents/GrandParents who are usually not tech savvy people.
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    Wow they even have RSS in photo frames now!

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    Wow...I'm still living in the stone ages where digital photo albums used SD Cards to display..Didn't know that they have RSS Enabled Photo frames....After doing a little bit of search, I think you may be looking at Wi-Fi enabled digital photo frame?

    Looking at different products, all those I saw requires them to at least press/touch some buttons to launch Flickr or other apps to start downloading...

    I was looking at Amazon
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