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Thread: help me choose a new hp

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    Let's just say that all my friends who have the SE K700i have nothing but praises for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholaslee
    yup! I think 6230 is the best phone around now! Using one myself
    Wah! Nicholas is one of the luckiest 17years old boy that i've seen around.. What's wrong with kids nowadays, so rich! Darn! haha..

    I was still carrying pager when i was 17 ok? that time memo jazz was the trend
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    okie, removing o2 from list.

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    Skip the O2, the battery life sux. My colleague has one and he charges his phone every 6 hrs. Thats' the reason why they provide 2 batteries. Otherwise, its a feature packed phone.
    Just my 2 cts

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    throwing in samsun e700a
    actually would prefer a clam shell 1..later scratch screen...and avoid accidentally dialling.

    anyway the reason why i am posting here is because i want get replies from ppl who have used it because they can tell u things u cant find in specifications etc.

    the feel, in short.

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    k700i's really power-packed. compared to its cousins t610/t630, it dosent LAG as much and the graphics and display is superb. i've come across one before and played with it. and give its specs, camera, video, plus 41mb plus radio plus mp3... wah lan eh, IT WAS SURPRISINGLY LIGHT OK!!!!! u look at it, u expect it to be a typical quite heavy bar phone. but trust me. its like holding a piece of wood and feeling the weight of a piece of styrofoam that kind of feeling lor.

    dun worry abt it lar. u can always get a pouch and screen protector for bar phones. although clam phones, IMO, is much coooler. using s500 now... contemplating switching to a mitsubishi fone soon.... cos SINGTEL and M1 the 24 hrs free incoming call onl $25.20 every month.... 500 sms somemore... kaoz.... starhub losing out liao lar.... dunnoe leh... still quite confused which one to get los..... any advice not? k700i abit the budget problem also.... haiz....

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    I just played with my friend's K700i, so take this post with a pinch of salt ar!

    I really like the feel of the phone, not too thin, not too fat. It fits really nice in my palm. And i do not have a really big hand.. I liek the buttons, "hard", yet responsive. The camera quality is not bad, though the video function is... well, laggy. haha.. Can produce water effect if you shake the phone..

    The MP3 player is not bad! the speaker sounds decently clean, with a bit of bass to boot! And can use MP3 as ringtone. l337 man.

    The thing is messaging ar.. if you're with a Nokia for years, getting to a SE messaging layout is a bit tough..

    I guess in short, feature packed phone with good enough design!

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    Used to lust after so many Nokia phones but these day, none of them do it for me. I went to upgrade the other day but came away empty-handed (well, still clutching my 6100!). Guess phones are going through an indentity crisis? Am I a phone? Am I a PDA? Am I a camera? Am I a fashion-accessory? Am I all of the above?

    Decided I will wait until the mid-life crisis is over (the phone not mine!)!!

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    SE here i come!!

    i wanted to get the mitsu hp but then not sure abt the quality of phone and stuff..

    but the position of cam is nice though

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