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Thread: Currently, wat charger and batt to get?

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    Default Currently, wat charger and batt to get?

    I am now likely to buy Nikon coolpix2000.

    Now I need to decide wat charger and battery to get. I've done some searches, and there were some threads on chargers and batteries. But some threads may be outdated.

    Just a quick question: currently, what chargers are people going for? Where and how much? I don't really need one that's fast but costly, rather one that's about 2-3 hrs and cost below $30 would be ok, and it must be able to charge sanyo 1850mah batts.


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    Doubt you'd be able to gind such a charger for under $30. From what I heard the Rayovac Charger is pretty good, although it's going for around $55 at Carrefour. They're having a sale for the GP charger, although I didn't take note of the price, but it charges those 1600mh batteries.


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