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    Default DIGITAL or FILM SLR?

    Ok, let's get straight to the point. I feel a little bored with my A80, now plan to get into SLR camera. The problem is, I have budget constraint!You know no money no talk..hehe.. So should I get FILM SLR or wait till have enough money to spend on entry level DIGITAL SLR such as D70 or 300D...
    I plan to get another zoom lens as well maybe around 200 - 400mm lens...that's all will satisfied me temporaly.

    So any suggestion or comment?

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    get a new girlfriend. It's more worth it

    Seriously... there's tons and tons of topic on this. A little effort to search will do the trick to get the answers

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    Yes, use the search function, please.

    Also, if you are bored with your A80, as opposed to being restricted (although even this is a creative challenge) by the functions - or lack thereof - of the camera, what makes you think you won't 'feel bored' with a SLR/DSLR in time to come?

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    Default just to share my experiences..

    jsut to share wat i been thru.. i used to just play ard with my gf's eos5.. until i decided to get a camera of my i started off with a A70, similar to ur case.. then play play till i not happy with the lag time n lack of control n the limitations of a consumer digital camera n with a low budget, i got myself a 2nd hand SLR...eos30..then share lens with my gf..then took lots of photos but to save on developing cost of photos, we got a flatbed scanner so we only develop the negatives at low cost, go hm to scan.then select Can-Make-it pics to develop out at Labs..then realised i got so many negatives n slides to scan till i so tired of scanning n decided to buy a DSLR..but till now i have not get a DSLR coz cant bear to part with my hardearn savings..maybe u can look at my history for consideration..maybe u can buy over my SLR so i can get a DSLR then when u tired of SLR, i can sell u my DSLR..just kidding..all the best to ur decision making..

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    I'd rather wait and save for the DSLR. Months ago I decided to get the sony 828 due to budget constraints. I know that for DSLRs, I only wanted the fast zoom and macro lenses, but the total package would set me back by 8 - 10K including accessories, in any case I didn't have the $$.

    Since using the sony, I have shot close to 5000 images. Imagine if these were film and the cost of developting them into prints. Also, with digital images, I could share it with others on the other side of the planet within minutes after I download into my computer. I also have control over the post processing. So it all boils down to convenience, efficiency and cost.

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    if u want shooting to be hassle is the way to go...

    if u are the type that wants quality prints...then i suggest that u go for film....and probably get a manual SLR...

    a DSLR is a good is a normal can juz goto KT and scan.....super high quality.....


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