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Thread: Need some info on rechargeable batts

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    Default Need some info on rechargeable batts

    Hi Guys,

    Need an answer from you guys who know rechargable batts well. If I charge a half used battery, will it discharge first and charge or it will continue to charge from the left over? Thanks... other question is "is discharging of batts" done by the charger? Sorry, if this sounds stupid..

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    To ans your Q,

    1. When you put in the 1/2 used batt, it will continue to charge from there. Unless your charger are programed to discharged 1st then recharge, otherwise that will hold true.

    2. There are different type of chargers ard in the market tooday. Most comes with the discharge function at the press or switch from a button. It depend on the model.

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    Ok..some info about rechargeable batteries here.
    First of all, there's 3 types of rechargeable battries.
    1. NiMH (nickel metal hydlite)
    2. NiCd (nickel cadmium)
    3. LiON (lithium ion)

    For NiMH and LiON types of rechargeable batteries, there's no need to discharge the batteries before it is being charged. As for NiCd batteries, the batteries need to be dischaged before a new charging process begin.

    In todays digital photography, most digital camera uses either NiMH and LiON.
    For digital camera uses AA sized batteries, mostly are NiMH, whereas other uses specific rechargeable LiON batteries such as Pro SLR or Semi Pro SLR and mini sized point and shoot!

    Nowadays, the charger have build in advance charging IC which is capable to detect which kind of batteries being charge, do the batteries need to be discharged before the start of charging process, it can also detect whether the charging temperature is normal and when the battries is fully charged, it changed to trickle charge mode.

    Hope this help!


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