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Thread: Acceptable no of complaint.....???

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    Default Acceptable no of complaint.....???

    Hi guys...

    I was just wondering what is the percentage of complaint is deem acceptable in photography line?

    What I mean is, you do your best and going extra miles for your clients and yet, they are still not happy... what do you think is the good and acceptable complaint?

    is 0.5% per year sounds reasonable?

    The reason why I ask, Over the span of 3+ years, our aim is always 100% client satisfaction but certain amount of clients, no matter how much you do, they still never happy... Although the number may be so minute, but that really get on to my nerves and wonder what else I could do to get 100%...

    I know some of you will say, find out with them what they are complaining about, sure, some will tell you and you can fix it and hope you don't make the same mistake again... but some, they don't tell you... and you really have no idea what to do...

    Your thought?



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    You can never be everything to everyone . My head says go with the 80-20 rule. My heart says 0%

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    Well, I suppose head over heart do rules in business term....

    although, i think 80-20 rule might be a little on the high side... but then again.... I do get really bother with even 1 complaint per year although I know there isn't much I could do... so I guess if it is 80-20, then I am ok then...

    Thanks for your post.


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    hi Hart

    no one on earth can please everyone, even a saint (I know you are a Christian, so i use saint haha ) cannot please everyone.

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    Default Re: Acceptable no of complaint.....???

    tho we call ourself as artist, we are still in a service oriented industry, it is good and important to listen to those complaints, to remind us that we are still imperfect, and sometime we knew we have already done our best, it is time to learn to let go and move on.
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    Default Re: Acceptable no of complaint.....???

    Depending on the type of complaints, if it's about product and delivery promised, then that is bad even for a single one, anything else are nickpick and there is nothing we can do about it.

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    Here is my case really...

    A client who has a deadline that she wants the album done by a certain date but obviously book my service after the due date and I wasn't make known and didn't get back to me until everything is too late and of course, I am in fault for not chasing for the order, but then again I don't normally chase my clients for order... I don't like to sell and I don't like to rush them, so I do let my client to be in proactive position.

    I guess, if I chase my clients, it will appear pushy and if I don't I appear don't care...

    If there is a problem, such as they can't log into the gallery, they don't tell me...

    So I am not sure what to do with client like this... I am happy to serve them but i can't possibly know what they are thinking without being told.

    Anyway, Sometimes I think I need to let go a little... Just worry too much hitting that 100% target.

    So I guess 1 complaint from 1 year of about 300 clients are not too bad?... Still annoy me a lot though... I lose sleep over it too...


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    Default Re: Acceptable no of complaint.....???


    The problem doesn't lie with you if you tried your best.

    There are always sick people and troublemakers out there.

    Enjoy life and fret less Things will work out.

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    I think 2-3% is acceptable ... Or 2-3 complaints, out of 100 clients is perfectly normal.

    If there were NO compliants, then You are in "Trouble".
    ( Why? because they 'care' enough to highlights or feedback how they feels about you or the way you had communicated or treated them ).

    BTW, there are also people whom have had engaged you out of convinience or "cheap",
    and expecting more than what is quoted/stated. These chaps are simply opportunitic people who will try and asked for more, and just "complain" for you to give-in.

    Why should you suffer ( or loss sleep ) just becos of their weakness or their own failings ?

    We would even love to serve people ( for free, and out of goodwill ) if they are kind and good people, seriously.

    Trust me, you are are doing good, and keep it up!

    Nick Goh

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    Default Re: Acceptable no of complaint.....???

    Thanks guys...

    Think I will just let go and have some rest.

    I don't think people would book me because I am cheap... Hahahaha.. Most common reaction is I am expensive. Oh well...

    I do have a lot of clients who cares and give me honest feedback which allow me to grow... I do have clients who analyses my marketing strategies and give me comment how to improve it.. I am quite lucky in this regards...some of my clients would go out their ways to help me... So I always appreciate that. But times like this do brother me to no end... But guess I need to learn to let go.



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    The client know their urgency if they have not specifically mentioned this to you along with specifics on datelines AND book you after the dateline then if they have complaints....... it is really purest of horse pucky. It is alot like complaining your surgeon did not operate on your last week when you went to see him yesterday.

    Even if they are not trying to pull as fast one aka massive discounts needed to make us feel less unhappy, maybe we will be slightly unhappy if you did it for free but will be only be happy if you tell us its free and thrown a $10,000 kiss and make up token type of people, mind you I am most definitely not say they are, no one in their right mind has any grounds to complain about. Even if you did not check with them, I take it they were adults so they know what they need to do by when if they want something to happen at a fixed time in the future.

    Sort of like the nine month before Jr pops in scenerio. No make whoppie no Jr. No bookie photographer no pictures.

    Nothing here to lose sleep over..especially if you collectioned 100% upfront.
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    Default Re: Acceptable no of complaint.....???

    Quote Originally Posted by ellery View Post
    Nothing here to lose sleep over..especially if you collectioned 100% upfront.
    Point taken...



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