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Thread: What is ETTL/TTL

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    Default What is ETTL/TTL

    Hi guys, so I just got a 430EXII last week...

    But all of a sudden, the term "ETTL or TTL or whatever TTL..." keep on appearing on the manual and when I search the flash settings/tips online, these terms do keep appearing too and I cant figure out what izit....

    So, can any pros here kindly explain to me what is ETTL or whatever TTL etc etc (maybe in layman terms oso can).

    Thanks alot guys...

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    Default Re: What is ETTL/TTL

    wikipedia and google are your friends.
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    Default Re: What is ETTL/TTL

    Through The Lens - it's the metering for the flash. Not necessarily tied to Canon since the method is also used by other camera makers.


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