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Thread: Transcend SDXC Card Error

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    It's a SDXC 64gb. I'm using a nikon D7000, it gave me card error in the middle of my shoot, and i've tried on a canon 60D also cannot read. (card reader can read though) End up have to use it's OWN formating software (transcend) to make it usable. This is the 2nd time it happened.

    The 1st time is when i used the in-camera process tool. after the camera processed the picture, it suddenly shows card error. reformat it using the camera, and everything was fine then, until the recent incident.

    btw, the card is quite new, i just bought it last month. shoot around 2~3k pictures with some videos with it.

    i wonder what's the cause of it? anyone has similar problems?
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    The transcend 64 GB SDXC is one of the bad performing SD cards, and in an independent test, it produced very low write speeds even compared to some class 4 cards. The test also shows some problems in certain situations when it comes to how it handles fragmentation especially when mixed with deleted files and video recording.

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    Get a read/write test tool and let it run on the card. Should show you any issues with the card. I wouldn't use any 64GB card, yet. Surely it's the lowest price per GB, but it's fresh. Chances of 'childhood problems' are good. The smaller models are 'matured' and the slightly higher costs of 2x 32GB cards can be neglected.


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