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Thread: Location to do this?

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    Default Location to do this?

    Hey guys

    I'm looking to do this in my shoot

    However I don't really know of any location that will allow me to do that.
    Any help or recommendation will be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: Location to do this?

    Bfore you shoot this, make sure you buy insurance...

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    Default Re: Location to do this?

    lemme get that video correctly linked for you...

    for this.. you might want to check out warehouses.
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    Default Re: Location to do this?

    Wherever you do it, pls don't attach the ropes as this guy did.
    The whole weight of the person is being supported on the armrests, which were never designed to handle anything close to the load, and may come off at any moment! I'd suggest enlisting the help of someone competent, and taking plenty of safety precautions!

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    Default Re: Location to do this?

    why not just find a swing?

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    Default Re: Location to do this?

    hmmm.......if tie it to a bathtub....then swing it...that would be...awesome!

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    Default Re: Location to do this?

    TS is looking for the location not the chair swing itself. You might wanna look for a building behind iTE tampines, beside a big drain thing sized like a soccer field. The building looks abandon because the back of that building is half gone so I suppose it's deserted. I have not really went in though, if I Passby again I might go Check it out.


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