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Thread: Need help with lighting for close-up jewelry

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    Question Need help with lighting for close-up jewelry

    So, I'm new to photography as it is... and I'm sure that doesn't help

    I'm trying to take some pics of italian charms (about 1/2" by 1") and I'm having some issues with lighting. I'm trying to keep this as cheap as possible, yet still have it look good.

    I'm using a Fuji FinePix s7000, which has "super macro" that works excellent for close ups, but all my pics are coming out either too dark, or too yellow.

    I've tried using a standard 60 watt bulb, and a 60 watt halogen that goes in a standard lamp socket. Both are producing VERY yellow pictures, even with different white balance settings (which I'd rather avoid?)

    I'm just looking for a cheap solution to get the brightest white that I can. I've tried using a "cool white" florescent tube, and it seems to produce the best light, when combined with the proper white balance settings. But the pics are looking very grainy and the "white" background looks more like gray.


    These are taken on white foam-core board.

    Anything else I should know, or that I can do to get these better?

    Thanks for any help!


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    I found 2 good sites, one with instructions on how to light, the other on how to create a ghetto soft-box. I thought I'd post the links here.

    How to light

    Ghetto (but great) Soft Box


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