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Thread: Business sharing session, anyone?

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    Default Business sharing session, anyone?

    Hi guys,

    I have a postponement this sat morning shoot, anyone interested to drop by my studio for a coffee morning?

    It will be an hour session start from 8am... And should finish before 9.45am as I have a shoot at 10.30am.

    It is a free event but you guys are encourage to share while I facilitate and I will help to give you guys some thought but don't expect I give direct solution.

    I have a small studio so I could have up to about 8-10 of you.

    Of course, if you think you benefit from the session, you are most welcome to donate to SPD charity show on Sunday.... It's good to help others...

    Those interested and can make it pls PM, but please spare a thought for others who may be interested by not putting your name up if you have slightest thought that you may not make it.



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    Default Re: Business sharing session, anyone?

    I don't think anyone is interested... uhm...

    I will cancel this meet up then...




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