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Thread: The Presidents' Photographers

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    Starhub Nat Geo showing the job of the US Presidents' photographers.
    Pete Souza is the Chief White House Photographer - a former newspaper photographer handpicked by President Barack Obama to snap shots both political and private.

    Very nice.

    Next broadcast:
    Today 10pm
    Tomorrow 2am
    Tomorrow 6am

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    Sorry its 7pm today. Watched the 10pm last night.
    Nat Geo Inside : Episode Title - The Obama White House

    Next broadcast is different title. Do look out for repeat.

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    I watched the ending part. I love the idea of changing the gallery every week. Really cool photos. But he look kind of like a idiot wearing a tailored suit with a waist bag.

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    Thanks for pointing out the program

    Just watched it ... (taped)
    Eye opener

    Here is Pete Souza, the photographer
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    Yep ! Saw it and enjoyed it.

    Quite inspiring ......... 8 )


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