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Thread: Given 30 models to shoot..

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    Asking any expert or pro out there,if u were given 30 model to shoot in 7 hrs,wat will u do???..For a portfolio...headshot,half-body,fullbody plus 2 more pose and a buddy two setup enough??and if 4 photogrphr is more than enough?? a outdoor two will be the models with their bikes...thanks in advance for any comment...really appreciate...shoot will be in three weeks time.....

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    I would let the model do the posing giving them the criteria provided.

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    ok..but do i have enough time to complete in time?..given that,cost is very important to the client..and it kinda our first time to shoot with this figure...usually it around 5 to 6 only..and at time it could take us 3/4 day..own time,own target,kind of thing...and from what i know,most of them are first like,tis guy is giving us a bigger chance to try we want to make it work and go as smooth as possible...Thanks for yr view..
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    30 models in 7 hours only leaves you with 14 mins per model if 1 photog. 4 photogs = an hour per model. So do you think its possible for 1 hour 1 model?


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