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Thread: Pentax Kr review by Steve's Digicams

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    Generally he likes the camera but he calls his "Storm Trooper" because "Xiao Bai" will have no meanng to him! If only he knows how much the Kr is being sold in Singapore he will probably give it an additional thumbs up.

    Bottom line - We were overall very pleased with the K-r and its results. The camera is able to produce pleasing photographs in a variety of conditions, including low-light thanks to good performance when using its higher sensitivity settings. Shooting performance is quite robust, and the K-r is loaded with cool and useful exposure options that many will find handy. I would have liked to see a bit better video options, and they could have ditched the extreme ISO settings (12,800 and 25,600). That said, with a street price ranging from $650 - 850 for the zoom lens kit which includes the smc 18-55mm DAL lens, the K-r is competitively priced for an entry to mid-level dSLR; and Pentax is the only manufacture producing dSLRs with multiple colors options; like the "Storm Trooper" White unit we test.

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    Good review on a good camera.
    Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives.


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